About Us


Founded in 1994, Hank Fah Company is committed to the construction of petrochemical plants including various services, such as related equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping, instrument,and electrical projects, in addition to planning and design of civil construction and steel structure, as well as engineering planning, engineering design, engineering procurement, construction and installation, operation testing, project management, engineering consulting and EPC turnkey project services.

About Hank Fah

Business Scope

  • Design, procurement,supply,construction and installation
    moreDesign, procurement,supply,construction and installation

    Design, procurement,supply,construction and installation


    Provide six-core integrative capabilities, to serve customers in engineering design, general contracting services of equipment procurement and supply, and construction and installation (EPC), saving related interfacial and professional coordination costs and project time, and accelerating plant commissioning and accelerating return on investment for the project.

  • Project management and engineering consultants
    moreProject management and engineering consultants

    Project management and engineering consultants

    Project Management and Engineering Consultant

    Hank Fah has professional capabilities in engineering planning, value analysis, financial calculation, and engineering design, to provide customers with comprehensive services, enabling customers to fully acquire various kinds of knowledge and better decision making and implementation.

  • Equipment Engineering
    moreEquipment Engineering

    Equipment Engineering


    Tower tank, heat exchanger, polysilicon growth furnace, propylene spherical tank, horizontal hydrogen high-pressure tank, reactor, ground flare

  • Storage Tank Engineering
    moreStorage Tank Engineering

    Storage Tank Engineering


    Cone storage tank, dome storage tank

  • Pipeline Engineering
    morePipeline Engineering

    Pipeline Engineering


    Acid and alkali resistant pipeline piping for chemical plant and oil-free and water-free clean pipeline piping for the polysilicon plant.

  • Instrument Electrical Engineering
    moreInstrument Electrical Engineering

    Instrument Electrical Engineering

    Instrument and Electrical

    Planning, design, and construction of instrumentation and electrical control for various kinds of buildings and production plants (processes and utility systems).